Special Working Days

Recently we were approached by a Totem client and advised that they had a situation they needed Totem to handle. Their situation was that whilst their standard work week was Monday to Fridays, under the Company’s work rules staff were required to work an extra day a month on selected Saturdays. Failure to attend on those days would result in a LWOP penalty, but staff would be able to apply for leave to cover their absence on any of those special days. We’ve now made provision to cover that scenario in Totem Leave and can provide the solution at no charge to existing Totem clients.

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Thailand Labour Law, partial months and LWOP

Totem payroll always is compliant with Thai Labour Law.

A payroll package needs to handle a number of scenarios relating to where staff may have not completed their full pay period. Reasons for this may be:

  • Leave without Pay (LWOP) ie: employee has taken leave for which they are not entitled to be paid.
  • Incomplete period due to the employee commencing after the start of the calendar month; or an employee resignation or termination prior to the end of calendar month.

Let’s discover how these situations will be handled by Totem payroll.

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