Thai Labour Law (updated 2019)

Thai Labour law states clearly that for companies with more than 10 employees leave policies must be available in the Thai language, in writing and be part of published Work Rules. Work Rules must be generally available to all staff.

On May 5 2019 the Labour Protection Act (No 7) was published in the Royal Gazette and is now applicable to all companies in Thailand. The Act updated several aspects of leave and some other Labour related provisions.
Key amendments include:

  • addition allowance for Maternity Leave
  • changes in Personal Business Leave

We’ve updated our Simple Leave Policy document which we first published in May 2017 to reflect the changes.

Our policy document is provided below at no charge, and can be downloaded in both Microsoft Word format and Adobe Portable Document Format.

If you don’t yet have a leave policy for your company we suggest that you consider creating one, and what better way to manage it all than to use Totem Leave Management software, the best leave system suitable available in Thailand, capable of handling from the smallest to the largest of companies.

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Totem Tax Calculations

As we’ve had some questions regarding our process for calculation of tax for Thai payroll, we decided to publish an infographic which covers the calculation process.

Thailand Labour Law, partial months and LWOP

Totem payroll always is compliant with Thai Labour Law.

A payroll package needs to handle a number of scenarios relating to where staff may have not completed their full pay period. Reasons for this may be:

  • Leave without Pay (LWOP) ie: employee has taken leave for which they are not entitled to be paid.
  • Incomplete period due to the employee commencing after the start of the calendar month; or an employee resignation or termination prior to the end of calendar month.

Let’s discover how these situations will be handled by Totem payroll.

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Thai Labour law states that your company needs a leave policy

Thai Labour law states clearly that for companies with more than 10 employees certain leave policies must be in Thai, in writing and be part of published Work Rules which must be generally available to staff.

If you don’t follow this requirement your ability to be successful in any Labour Court proceedings will most likely be compromised. Our recommendation is to recognise this commercial risk as well as the legal requirements. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

  1. You company needs to have policy conditions which cover:
    1. Annual Leave
    2. Sick Leave
    3. Maternity Leave
    4. Personal Business Leave
  2. You should probably also have a policy relating to the following as well:
    1. Training Leave
    2. Sterilisation Leave
    3. Military Service Leave

If you don’t already have these policies, now is the time to look at doing something about it. We provide a framework boilerplate for these policies at this link  and its simple enough to download the paper, make changes and publish at your organisation.

By doing so you then will have covered your legal requirements and reduced the commercial risk. If you already have written policies, have a look at what we’ve done and see how your policy compares.

We’re looking forward to providing your company with simple, paperless leave management by our Totem Leave Management Software.