Our cloud based solution puts companies in control of their payroll and reporting. Being cloud based allows preparation, review and approvals to take place from anywhere in Thailand, or the world! Our completely secure servers are backed up on a transactional basis at multiple secure locations.

Mobile Apps
Staff can access their payroll data and payslips through a secure payroll app for Android and iOS. The app is available in both Thai and English and provides the following functionality:

  • Payslip delivery and history
  • Tax Insight – let your staff see what allowances they have claimed and provides a conduit for updating required forms and missing info
  • Provident Fund details showing balance, personal and company contributions
  • Upload files. Send forms directly to your HR department. Can be used for staff onboarding.

Providing easy to use access simplifies the most complex backups enabling them to be run in minutes rather than hours.

Full government reporting is available with either completed PND and SSO forms to be printed out, or the transactions to be uploaded to the Department of Finance web site, Social Security Fund web site and your choice of banks for auto payment to staff.

Cloud Hosting
No need for special servers, no complicated software installs. Just a modern browser.

Leave Management
Leave and holiday management with mobile app allowing staff and managers to handle the complete application/approval process from their phones

Granular Approvals
Approvals via secure internet web site eg:
1. preparer or creator
2. manager approval
3. finance director approval
4. CEO approval

Tax Calculations
Standard calculation of Thai tax, and unique situations like Tax on Tax, fixed tax rate for expats, company pay SSO.

Speedy Payroll Preparation
Medium size companies complete their payrolls in 10 minutes or less.

Provident Fund
Provident fund deductions, calculations and reporting.

Government Reporting
Electronic upload for Ministry of Finance and Social Security Office and production of Thai language forms.

Additional Features:

  • Journal Vouchers for Posting
  • Electronic Bank Transfers
  • Thai/English Capabilities
  • Multi-Entity Capabilities
  • Commissions, Bonuses, Allowances
  • Payslips for Laser, Dot Matrix
  • Staff Onboarding, Resignation, Retirement

For more information contact us on +66 2 401 9250 and ask for Khun Yung or Robert