September 17, 2019
Enhanced clarity for Payroll details

We’ve recently added some improvements to the way we display payroll information at the detail level. This improvement should make it easier for both payroll creators and checkers to identify where changes occur in the payroll run.
The following graphic is illustrative of the changes:

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On the LHS of the display next to the user name any changes occurring in the pay period that relate to:

  • LWOP
  • Change of employee’s bank account (also shows verified or unverified)
  • New Joiner
  • Resigned or terminated staff
  • If manual adjustments in tax or provident fund

On the RHS of the display, changes from the previous months are highlighted. Increases in values from the previous month show in Green. Reductions show in Blue. The threshold level for the display can be changed in settings. The default change value to show is 1,000 Baht.
We think these changes are important in that they now allow involved staff to more clearly view changes that have occurred in payrolls to allow better focus and checking. Let us know what you think.

We’ve also improved the communication of the approval process steps. With Totem Payroll, approval of payrolls can be a multi step process. For example, a typical scenario may be:

  1. Preparer
  2. Checker
  3. 1st approver
  4. 2nd Approver

These steps are created in settings, and then every step is identified and a record is kept of the involved staff with date and time and individual details. These become part of the auditable record. Once a sign off occurs at one level, the next person in the chain is notified by mail, with complete details showing of the process.

The graphic below is a sample of the mail sent to the next processor on the list when the current process is marked as completed.

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When changes have been made to an employee bank account the change and the verification details are stored with the employee record. See below:

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