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How to set up a shared use computer
in your office for staff to access Totem


Why is there a problem?

As part of Totem’s in-built security when a link is issued for a user to access your Totem web site the URL contains a unique identifying token which enables access to the site. Without this token, a user will not be able to get to the login screen! So if users are sharing a common computer, with a general login, it would be difficult to manage the access of different users.

What’s the answer?

One of the settings in Totem allows access to your Totem website using a special URL containing a shared token. Users still need to use their username and password. The administrative person looking after the shared computer can save this URL as the Home Page in the computer’s browser. From then on, any employee who has been identified as permitted to use this access can click on the browser’s home page and be taken to the Totem Logon page where they have access to their Leave details.

A person with HR level access will need to make the following changes within Totem:

#1 Open Alternate Access

Login as HR Admin and from Alternate Access Site menu in Settings, enable Alternate Access Site Access.

#2 Enable staff access

Assign staff who will be able to access Totem from the Alternate Access Site.

This can also be done from the Employee Details screen.

#3 Setup Alternate Access Site on share PC

Copy the URL from the Alternate Access Site on to the selected share PC. Set it as the home page in the browser settings.


The shared computer needs access to the Internet. No special ports are needed. Your Totem site is protected by https//: so this requires port 443 outgoing traffic through the firewall.

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