Manage your attendance from mobile app
with flexi time and work from home.

Cloud Based

No need for special servers,
no complicated software installs.
Just a modern browser.
Any time, anywhere!
Manage Attendance from Mobile App
  • Use one button to clock on/off
  • Show accurate attendance team status with real-time updates.
  • Managers can review and approve requests in a matter of seconds, with no need for training. 
Geofencing for attendance tracking
Allow your employees to check-in only from approved locations and provide freedom to check-in from any locations subject to manager approval.
Real-time Reporting
Gain instant access to staff check-in details with live data feeds and reporting summaries.
Support Multiple check-in methods
Allow check-in from one of available options: mobile, Kiosk, finger or face scanner
Kiosk mode
Replace finger scanner with Kiosk application to streamline collection and processing of the staff check-ins
Work from Home
Application supports ability to check-in from home or other approved locations.
Flexi Time
Implement strict working hours or allow staff flexibility for check-in hours
Integration with Payroll
Automatically include OT and working hours
(daily employees only) on Payroll

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