SSO setup for Google Workspace

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#1 From admin console register new custom SAML app

#2 Define app name, “Totem” or “Payroll” will do.

#3 Download metadata file, you will need to provide it GainPlus for setup.

#4 Define your ACS URL and Entity ID following your domain registered with GainPlus.

Replace YOURCOMPANY and copy below:
Entity ID:

#5 Map your primary email address with attribute called “Email Address”

#6 Finally assign access for users from User Access settings (click anywhere on User Access section top open it (except view details button)).

Either allow for everyone or assign access selectively according to your company policy.

Once you enable access to app for users, that will add new icon on their app list, you might want to delay this step until GainPlus confirm setup of Totem or limit access to your account before rolling this out to other users.