April 6, 2021
Email phishing warning

Phishing attempts referring to Payroll

We have recently seen evidence of outside phishing attempts encouraging recipients to “Open the Link”. (click to see example of phishing email)

On closer inspection, a number of contradictions are in evidence.  Firstly, an email regarding payroll would be unlikely to be sent to “info”.  Secondly, hovering over the link shows a link to an unrelated website.

Phishing malware is becoming very prevalent and users should exercise great caution in viewing and responding to suspicious mails.  The ingenuity shown in some attempts is clever enough to confuse unprepared recipients.  GainPlus recommends being extremely careful in regards to any mails received that seem out of the ordinary.

Note that the phishing attempt shown has nothing to do with Totem Payroll.  We have chosen to issue this alert as a community service and hopefully to raise awareness of another risk users may see in their daily workplace.