New Holidays Calendar

In order to create special holiday calendar, you have to first create new Country.You can do that from the System Settings > Country Management.Select original country which will serve as template for new holidays calendar, and from options select copy holidays from that country. Once you create new country, then…

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Email phishing warning

Phishing attempts referring to Payroll We have recently seen evidence of outside phishing attempts encouraging recipients to “Open the Link”. (click to see example of phishing email) On closer inspection, a number of contradictions are in evidence.  Firstly, an email regarding payroll would be unlikely to be sent to “info”. …

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Azure AD / OKTA / Single Sign On Integrations

Recently our hardworking team completed a number of updates to all of our GainPlus applications – TaBS; Totem Leave; and Totem Payroll, to allow Single Sign On using Microsoft Azure Active Directory credentials and OKTA Identity Cloud. Our integrations provide for seamless authentication using existing Microsoft passwords from Active Directory…

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