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January 2019 Mobile App Update

The latest Totem Leave App for Android and iOS was released today. There’s nothing earth shattering in it, just a simplification to aid those companies which have a long list of leave types, so that users will see a sub set of leave common types, along with a <<more>> button. […]

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GainPlus included DKIM for outgoing emails

GainPlus has recently included DKIM on our mail servers so that mail sent from our Leave (and soon to come Payroll) servers will be signed by keys managed by our own PKI certificates.  What does this mean to users? Well, perhaps not a lot will be seen by users.  Techopedia explains […]

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May 2018 Updates

We’ve made improvements in a couple of places in Totem Leave, both on the surface and in the background Firstly, we now log when an employee cancels leave, so that it will show in the employee’s activity log, visible both to the employee and their manager. See two examples: Also, […]

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